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s957: How Can I Help You?
s956: Getting Agreement.
s955: PS. You’ll regret if you don’t..
s954: 144 Catchy Email Subject.
s953: Review of
s952: Work for Yourself.
s951: If I had to start my life all over again.
s950: Turn Your Blog Post to a Sales Letter.
s949: “How to write mega entertaining, personality-infused,super engaging copy,
s948: Problem Based Selling
s947: $50K per sales page
s945: Medical Mistakes: Could These Happen to You?
s944: The Hook.
s943: Who are the copywriters in the world who become millionaires?
s942: Believable.
s941: Gary Halbert’s Headlines.
s940: Split Test.
s939: Using The Headline To Pre-Empt Objections.
s938: Review of ‘The Magic of Making Up’
s937: How Not to be Boring when Writing an Ads on Craigslist.
s936: How to Be Profitable As a Newbie Copywriter.
s935: 7 Minute Muscle.
s934: Ryan’s Sales Letter Format.
s933: Review of this alternative Healthcare Website.
s932: FORMER BARBER EARNS $8000 In 4 Months As a Real Estate Specialist
s931: BUY NO DESK …Until You’ve Seen This Sensation of the Business Show
s930: How Much Is “Worker Tension” Costing Your Company?
s929: Today… Add $10,000 to Your Estate – For the Price of a New Hat
s928: Call to Action (CTA)
s927: New Cake-Improver Gets You Compliments Galore!
s926: The Script.
s925: Guaranteed To Go Thru Ice, Mud or Snow – or We Pay the Tow!
s924: Five Familiar Skin Troubles – Which Do You Want To Overcome?
s923: Features and Benefits Illustrated.
s922: Why Some Foods “Explode” In Your Stomach.
s921: Aircon Not Cool?
s920: Copywriting Group for beginners.
s919: Are You Ever Tongue-Tied At A Party?
s918: How to Use a Webinar to Attract Clients.
s917: They Laughed when I…
s915: Headlines.
s914: Where to Direct the Cold Traffic.
s913: Once is not enough.
s912: Where is the Proof?
s911: “Please take my money”
s910: Structure.
s909: 3 Steps to becoming a Better Copywriter.
s908: Avatar
s907: Are You Satisfied with Your Progress?
s906: How to Arouse Curiosity.
s905: Empathy.
s904: “You” in the Email Subject Header
s903: How to stand out from the crowd.
s902: How have you progress as a copywriter?
s901: Proof that story sells
s900: The Quiet, Unspoken Desires Of Your Prospect… That They’ll Probably Never Tell You
s899: This salespage is seductive.
s898: Copywriting for Webinar.
s897: Story-based Copywriting.
s896: The First Line
s895: The First Line
s894: How I write my sales page.
s893: Fantastic Copywriting Examples: 13 Companies With Truly Creative Copywriters
s892: Sell the Benefits, not features.
s891: Learn XXX in Just 10 minutes a Day.
s890: Made Simple.
s889: How to sell your info product
s888: May I tell you a secret about direct response copywriters?
s887: Why Every Copywriter Needs Great Testimonials — And How to Get Them Quickly
s886: What a boring headline!
s885: Swipe My Sales Page
s884: How to Price Your Copywriting Service Correctly.
s883: Why Copywriters Underprice
s882: Don’t Call Yourself an Amateur.
s881: Give People Reasons to Act.
s880: Value Proposition.
s879: Chris Haddad.
s878: I, You, We.
s877: Where to Get A-Lister Clients.
s876: How to Raise Your Profile.
s875: Tested Sentences That Sell
s874: What your Clients Love to Hear.
s873: Niche it.
s872: The Next Copywriter Star.
s871: No Bullshit.
s870: Practice: Write this sales letter.
s869: How to Say a Lot about Nothing.
s868: Easy or Simple?
s867: Criticism is never constructive.
s866: Use broadcast emails for promotions
s865: The outcome.
s864: Craft a powerful signature file for all your emails
s863: Nil
s862: Use of Metaphor
s861: Copywriting for Social Media.
s860: T-shirt copywriting
s859: Get them to click
s858: How to Close.
s857: Copywriting for T-shirt.
s856: Agora
s855: Copywriting Assignments Available
s854: Headline for FB Post.
s853: Jaded
s852: Talk to your competitors’ Customers
s851: How to Sell Every day.
s850: Buy all his ebooks
s849: How to Remove the Fear.
s848: Every Post is a sale page.
s847: The Fast and Fun Way to Write a Sales Page.
s846: I am curious. Pm me
s845: Swipe Files for your Niche.
s844: “It is too expensive”
s843: How Can I Make it Better?
s842: How to Write Simply
s841: Don’t use the word ‘learn’
s840: A series of messages
s839:”The Strangest Secret” Headline.
s838: The ‘giveaway’ headline
s837: When I need money, I write a salespage
s836: The of the
s835: Have You Try this Challenge?
s834: The ‘Sneaky’ Headline.
s833: Shocking + Benefit Headline.
s832: Selling is an everyday Thing
s831: The ‘warning’ headline
s830: Sell to the Monkey Brain.
s829: The ‘straight benefit’ headline
s828: The ‘yes? No.’ Headline
s827: “Do you know” headline
s826: The ‘Specific Number’ Headline
s825: How Much Are You Worth?
s824: The “If” Headline
s823: The “Plus’ Headline.
s822: Learn. Apply. Profit.
s821: Write salespage by hand.
s820: Unleash Your Persuasion Kungfu
s819: Copywriters Summit.
s818: A copywriter’s success story.
s817: Lesson 29 – The ‘deadline’ headline
s816: I fired my copywriter!
s815: They laughed when…
s814: Who Else Wants……?
s813: Lesson 28: The ‘Fastes Safest” Headline.
s812: Before and After.
s811: Lesson 27: The ‘What’ Headline.
s810: Lesson 26: The ‘The Truth’ Headline.
s809: Lesson 25: The ‘Why’ Headline.
s808: Curiosity Kills the Cat.
s807: Lesson 24: The “better than” headline
s806: You know you are good when …
s805: Lesson 23: The “secret of” headline
s804: Lesson 22: The “Single Most” headline
s803: Lesson 21: “How to” Headline.
s802: Lesson 20: Different Persuasion Points
s801: Lesson 19: Headlines and subheads
s800: A Reflection – How far Have you Gone?
s799: Lesson 18: Writing Magnetic headlines
s798: The Aspen School of Copywriting.
s797: Be a storyteller.
s796: The world’s greatest living freelance copywriter?
s795: Lesson 17: Sales Copy CheckList.
s794: Lesson 16: Mindmap of the Structure.
s793: Lesson 15: The Journey
s792: Lesson 14: Example (1) of A Sales Page Structure
s791: Lesson 13: Offer
s790: Lesson 12: Testimony
s789: They Laugh when I ….
s788: Headline template.
s787: Swipefile for the nutrition niche
s786: Take them to the next step.
s785: The Psychology of Persuasion.
s784: Discuss and Write Copy
s783: When they make me laugh, I’m hooked.
s782: The Tale of 2 Cities.
s781: 13 Brands That Are Skilled at Writing Copy
s780: Lesson 11: Solution.
s779: The Art of Persuasion.
s778: Lesson 10: Amplify the problem
s777: Your Name.
s776: Regrets
s774: Lesson 9: How to Write an Offer.
s773: How to tell Better Stories.
s772: The trick words’
s771: Lesson 8: How to Write an Offer.
s770: How to Write a Testimonial that Sell.
s769: Advertising is lying.
s768: One Word Makes the Difference.
s767: The hook.
s766: Reading assignment of the week.
s765: Lesson 7: Types of Offer
s764: The Missing Piece in KLT
s763: The 90-Day Challenge
s762: Copywriting is Storytelling.
s761: Lesson 6: The Irresistible Offer
s760: Michelle Obama.
s759: What’s another name for ‘sales page’?
s758: Why are you sharing the secrets?
s757: Lesson 5: Template.
s756: Lesson 4: Your Sales Page to Sell Your Copywriting Service.
s755: Insights from a millionaire internet marketer
s754: Lesson 3: How To Structure A Sales Message
s753: Illogical Fallacies.
s752: – nothing –
s751: Lesson 2 – Why is copywriting so important
s750: Lesson 1 – What is copywriting
s749: How Donald Trump Used ONE SIMPLE WORD to Influence America.
s748: Story Selling.
s747: How to Increase Credibility
s746: Selling is everything.
s745: How to Write Email that sell
s744: Where are you now?
s743: Is Copywriting Hard to Learn?
s742: Throw Stone at the Enemies.
s741: One Idea from Youtube.
s740: The secret Sauce from Chris Haddad
s739: Sales Letter by Frank Kern.
s738: How to Make Your Message Sticky.
s737: The smart way to get clients.
s736: What “Do whatever it takes” Really Means.
s735: How to be a Better Copywriter without a Mentor
s734: Observe the pattern.
s733: Q&A with the Master Persuader
s732: Are you Implementing What you Learn?
s731: 7 Email Sequence Autoresponder Series That Work and The One That Does Not Work
s730: My 10 biggest mistakes in 10 years of freelance copywriting.
s729: Don’t copy
s728: The Breakfast of Champions.
s727: Sell as if your life depends on it.
s726: How to Write an About Page.
s725: Copywriting Course
s724: Please visit my website.
s723: Copywriting Jobs for You.
s722: How to Write Product Description.
s721: 55 Easy Ways To Write A Headline That Will Reach Your Readers
s720: An Open Letter to…
s719: Cheapest Copywriting Course.
s718: – nothing
s717: Don’t say ‘Buy’
s716: It’s not the features, it’s the Story.
s715: The Final Step to the Money.
s714: How to Close a Sale.
s713: How to Evaluate a Sales Letter
s712: Emotional Headlines.
s711: Examples of Scarcity
s710: What is the appeal of your products?
s709: What Copywriting Involves
s708: The Halbert Copywriting Method
s707: Sell tickets to Heaven.
s706: Happy Father’s Day from Durex
s705: Bold Email Experiment
s704: How I went from Zero to Hero.
s703: Salespage Analysis.
s702: Copywriting for Ecommerce website.
s701: Subliminal Messaging.
s700: How to write in a conversational tone.
s699: What stands between you and the Money.
s698: This is how a persuasive flyer look like.
s697: How the Advertisers Sell to Me at the Movie.
s696: Bad Metaphor.
s695: Use of Repetition
s694: How to Get Consulting Clients Fast Even If nobody’s ever heard of you
s693: Why Lawyers and Teachers Are Most UnSuitable to be Copywriters
s691: Do you have what it takes?
s690: How to Get Clients
s689: Finding the common ground.
s688: How to Structure a Facebook Post.
s687: The Psychology of persuasion.
s686: Case Study – Result of a split test.
s685: The 12-Step Foolproof Sales Letter Template
s684: Give them a reason to take action.
s683: Study this salespage written by a master copywriter.
s682: Analysis of a Salespage.
s681: The Crazy Idea to turn your copywriting into Money.
s680: The Daily Habi
s679: How to Sell a Preventive Product.
s678: How to Sell on Stage.
s677: Copywriting Humour
s676: Whatever Made Easy.
s675: The Art of Storytelling
s674: Copywriting is More than Writing Salespages.
s673: ‘How To’ Headlines
s672: The Drama
s671: Sales page by Mindvalley
s670: Why You Are Afraid to Sell.
s669: The Power of Words
s668: How to Adapt a Headline.
s667: Where to Find Copywriting jobs
s666: Model after classic salespage
s665: How to Promote Your Copywriting Service with a salepage.
s664: Ride on Current Events.
s663: The Godfather of Copywriting.
s662: Can your Reader feel it?
s661: How to Win Hearts.
s660: Salespage by a top Copywriter.
s659: Do you know it when you are sold?
s658: Play of Words
s657: Where to Find Stories
s656: Are you guilty of using these phases?
s655: The secret of Selling Anything.
s654: Treasures on Amazon.
s653: Gary Halbert Copywriting Tribute With Ed Dale.
s652: Use of Active words
s651: How David Ogilvy & Jason Fried Got Clients
s650: 21 Little Known Reasons Why Your Sales Letter Is Not Converting
s649: Brandwash – How we are brainwashed by the brands
s648: Seven things Prince Rogers Nelson taught me about business and life:
s647: Copywriting Secrets That Have Sold Billions – An Interview with Ted Nicholas.
s646: Your Wife is Hot
s645: Gary Halbert’s Club
s644: How to Analysis a Sales Page
s643: The Copywriter’s Arsenal
s642: Where to Find Customers
s641: Give me an emotional reaction
s640: Best Email Subject lines
s639: Slogans
s638: Have Fun with This Headline Generator!
s637: Illogical Fallacies about Testimonial.
s636: How to Avoid These Mistakes in …
s635: The Truth About…
s634: Does Ethical Copywriting Exist?
s633: P.A.S.T.O.R.
s632: How to throw stones at your enemy
s631: Swipe Facebook Ads
s630: Fighting ads Fatigue
s629‬ – Transition
s628‬ – The $2 Billion Sales Letter
s627‬ – How to write sales letters like the scammers
s626‬ – Articles from the Nerd
s625‬ – Top Copywriters in the world
s624‬ – Case Study in Persuasion
s623‬ – How to land your first copywriting job
s622‬ – Attached an item method
s621‬ – Revealed: the Best Kept Secret
s620‬ – Case study: From zero to 6 figures in 6 months
s619‬ – Copy the copywriters
s618‬ – A New Copywriting resource
s617‬ – The million dollar copywriter in the health space
s616‬ – Fiverr
s615‬ – In touch with copywriters community
s614‬ – Learn for Cheap
s613‬ – Analyse a sales page
s612‬ – 4 Landing Page Credibility Killers You Should Eliminate Right Now
s611‬ – Steal these 6 Email Templates. They work like Hell!
s610‬ – Social Proof – how to prove?
s609‬ – Think Headline
s608‬ – Headline Formula – Benefit + Curiosity
s607‬ – Where to Find Highly Profitable sales letters
s606‬ – Copywriting: How To Turn Words Into Cash
s605‬ – From zero to hero without…
s604‬ – Experience the Benefits
‎s603‬ – Best Call to Action Words and Template
s602‬ – Which of these conditions worry you?
‎s601‬ – What have you just persuaded yourself?
s600‬ – 39 Copywriting Techniques that Drive Website Conversions
s599‬ – Where to Sell Your Copywriting Service with Marketing it
s598‬ – Are you Writing Sales page Every day?
s597‬ – Are you selling your Copywriting service?
s596‬ – Use the word ‘hate’
s595 – How to write Email Subject title
s594‬ – Promotion Campaign
s59‬3 – Are You Sick and Tired…
s592‬ – Write Your Headlines Every day
s591‬ – 18 Powerful Lessons in Persuasion
s590‬ – 16 Call-to-Action Formula
s589 – Warning
s588‬ – How I Make Money with My Copywriting Skill
s587‬ – Classic Swipe Files
s586‬ – The Biggest Thing they are Looking for
s585‬ – Who does the best copywriters learn from?
s584‬ – What’s Missing in Most Websites
s583‬ – Magazine Cover
s582‬ – How to Apply NLP in copywriting
s581‬ – How to Profit from Your Copywriting Skill
s580‬ – Your Swipe Files
s579‬ – How to Acquire a New Style of Writing
s578‬ – How to write your first salescopy
s577‬ – Play of Words
s576‬ – Remember these words for they are your BULLETS
s575‬ – How much can you earn as a copywriter?
s574‬ – How to Use ‘Without’ in your headlines
s573‬ – How I went from “no experience and no portfolio” to working with my dream clients in 6 months
s572‬ – Stack the Evidence
s571‬ – Amplify the Pain
s570‬ – Let’s Clear the Myth about Being a Copywriter
s569 – How to Make Money With Your Copywriting Skill
s568 – My secret copywriting recipe: This is the simplest sales template!
s567 – Interview with a local Copywriter
s566 – Copywriter’s website
s565 – The Anatomy of an Event Page
s564 – Persuasion is Unnecessary
s563 – The 7 Deadly Sins
s562 – Templates
s561 – Email templates
s560 – Good and bad testimonials
s559 – Before and After
s558 – Words are like Swords and Drugs
s557 – The Ultimate Guide to Copywriting Formulas
s556 – Email copywriting Formula
s555 – How to Make Money as a Copywriter on Upwork
s554 – How to Raise Fund with your copywriting Skill
s553 – Specialty in Fund Raising
s552 – Immersion
s551 – Your Life Depends on Copywriting
s550 – The Ultimate Copywriting Handbook
s549 – 8 Direct Response Copywriting Examples That Immediately Converted Customers
s548 – Common Mistakes Copywriters Make
s547 – Where do I find Copywriting Clients
s546 – A Copywriting Group to watch out for
s545 – High Ticket Item
s544 – How to Write Catchy Headlines Instantly without Cracking Your Head Using a Copy-and-Paste Method
s543 – Advice for a newbie
s542 – Funny Poster
s541 – Manage expectation
s540 – Four Steps To Writing a Great Classified Ad
s539 – Put on the Hat of a Personality.
s538 – Sell to a Desperate Market.
s537 – The Giant List of Power Words
s536 – Use Picture Words
s535 – Clever Signage. Good copywriting.
s534 – Infotainment in email writing
s533 – Where Do I Find Copywriting Clients?
s532 – How to Make Money as a Copywriter
s531 – How to get Client
s530 – You’ll Never Starve
s529 – How Copywriting Makes the Difference
s528 – Is your copy Entertaining?
s527 – Copywriter Website
s526 – Copywriting as a Service
s525 – 30 Days of Persuasion.
s524 – Think like a Lawyer.
s523 – Breakthrough Advertisement Notes
s522 – It is not your fault.
s521 – Replace these Words
s520 – Write to a 17-year old brain.
s519 – How to Position Yourself when you are 2nd Best
s518 – Pain and Pleasure
s517 – Proven 6-step formula gets people to buy
s516 – I see. I take
s515 – Compare with Another Brand.
s514 – How to Sell a High Ticket Item.
s513 – Sell Something
s512 – Your Salespage should not look like a salespage
s511 – What you can learn from a ConMan.
s510 – Write for Free and Fee
s509 – How to Monetize your Copywriting Knowledge
s508 – Everything You Want to Know about Headlines.
s507 – How do they Sell?
s506 – A Good Name Makes a Better Impression
s505 – How to craft the guarantee
s504 – How to influence readers
s503 – Headline and salespage generator
s502 – Funnel Building
s501 – Price comparison
s500 – How to Write Click-Worthy Ads with Only 3 Sentences.
s499 – The Role of the Media
s498 – Where to Get Clients
s497 – Nil
s496 – How to Craft an Email.
s495 – Critique salespage
s494 – Do you make these 7 common mistakes?
s493 – How to EMPHASIS the word
s492 – The Salesletter is a Love Letter
s491 – Where do I start?
s490 – Stop Writing Boring Headlines: 11 Types of Headlines That Pique Reader Interest
s489 – Copywriting for affiliate marketing
s488 – How to Start a Religion
s487 – How to write the about page
s486 – Price Comparison
s485 – Headline Formula
s484 – Weight Loss
s483 – Evaluate a salespage with this checklist
s482 – A salespage is a conversation
s481 – The Most Powerful Person is a Storyteller
s480 – Promote Your Friend
s479 – Get Personal
s478 – Don’t just build a business. Start a Revolution
s477 – The Modern Sales Page
s476 – Why Copywriting is the Ultimate Religion
s475 – Your Signature Story
s474 – Be a specialist Copywriter
s473 – Contracts and Agreements
s472 – How to be a Copywriter Even if You Cannot Write Well
s471 – Make Money by Evaluating Other People’s Salespage
s470 – It’s not a salesletter. It’s a conversation
s469 – Copypreneur not copywriters
s468 – Case study: Storytelling with Evidence Stacking
s468 – The Call to Action Copywriting Bootcamp
s467 – Persuasion is Beyond Words
s466 – Why I Recommend This Person and not the Rest?
s465 – How to Make Money Online as a …
s464 – The Gift
s463 – 6 Copywriting Tips That Will Help You Make Great SlideShares
s462 – How I was sold on the Most Expensive Shoes
s461 – The 3-step structure
s460 – Want More Copywriting Clients? Here’s a Surprising Way to Find Them.
s459 – Writing Style
s458 – How to Practise Copywriting
s457 – Sam’s 10 Commandments for Copywriting
s456 – Ads Headlines
s455 – How to Describe a Dress
s454 – She Change My Life
s453 – Free cheatsheet
s452 – The Secret is in Your Story
s451 – Using the Right Words
s450 – Tell the Truth
s449 – Show me the Proof
s448 – What are you selling?
s447 – How to Sell on Stage
s446 – Bhutan wasn’t the last Shangri-La on Earth
s445 – How to Sell a Non-Existent Product
s444 – How to Write FB Posts that will Wow Your Readers.
s443 – 12 Best Practices For Writing Website Copy That Actually Converts
s442 – 13 Things That You Should Add To Your Sales Page
s441 – 100 Classic Sales Letters
s440 – Case Study: Persuade Me!
s439 – The Masters of Copywriting.
s438 – Advice from a veteran copywriter
s437 – 20 Fill-in-the-Blank Headline Template
s436 – Facebook Ads for A Tuition Centre
s435 – Why You Don’t Have to Write Salespage for Your Clients
s434 – The Advanced Guide to Emotional Persuasion
s433 – How to Get People to Rush to buy Your Stuff
s432 – How to Tell Stories With Facebook and Instagram Carousel Ads
s431 – Case Study
s430 – 12 Copywriting Secrets to a Landing Page that Sells
s429 – What’s a Copywriter’s Salary?
s428 – How to Scale Your Copywriting Business
s427 – How to Sell to the Affluent
s426 – The God of Email writing
s425 – How to Craft an Opt-in Form
s424 – Tell a Story
s423 – Sell the Wants, Not the Needs
s422 – Copywriters Wanted
s421 – Frameworks for Writing Copy that Converts
s420 – The 3 Attitudes That Allowed Me To Quit My Job And Build A Copywriting Business In 4 Months
s419 – Free Copywriting Course
s418 – The Street Vendor
s417 – FREE Copywriting Mini-Course
s416 – A salespage written by a copywriting coach must be good…
s415 – 100 Great Copywriting Ideas
s414 – How to Control Your Readers
s413 – Are you Alone
s412 – What does it take for one to start from zero to a 5-star professional copywriter?
s411 – How to Write Emails that Win Affiliate Competitions
‪‎s410‬ – How to Create Marketing Copy… Without Actually Writing
s409 – How To Get New Copywriting Clients… Even If You’re a Total Newbie With Halitosis, Dandruff, and Rectal Warts!”.
s408 – How to Promote Copywriting Service
s407 – Preparation Before Writing the Sales Page
s406 – How Dan Lok writes his sales page
s405 – Criteria for a good headline
s404 – Mistakes Copywriters Made
s403 – What to write in the PS
s402 – Here are 46 ways to make Your Landing Page better..
s401 – Use This Checklist Before Asking For A Critique
s400 – Copywriting for entrepreneurs
s399 – Email subject Titles
s398 – Use testimonials for headline
s397 – I was offered Sex today with a …
s396 – Rachel Rofe’s Salespage
s395 – David Frey 12-step formula
s394 – David Cavanagh salespage structure
s393 – Carlton Salespage Structure
s392 – how to evaluate a salespage with 8 checklist questions
s391 – how to be a good copywriter
s390 – How to Get Clients
s389 – Buy on Emotion. Justify on Logic
s388 – 5 ways to open a sales page
s387 – Randy Gage’s “How to Become a Copywriting Stud!”
s386 – How to Show Value over Price
s385 – 5 stages of writing a headlines
s384 – 11 Copywriting Tips: How to Turn Marketing Drivel into Serious Sales Copy
s383 – 10 Call-to-Action Case Studies w/ Takeaways & Examples from Real Button Tests
s382 – What to Call Your CTA
s381 – good story writing resources
s380 – How I made Half a Million Dollars as a Freelance Copywriter
s379 – How to Reply to Price Objection
s378 – how to turn copywriting into a passive income
s377 – The Lingo of Pain
s376 – 41 Classic Copywriting Headline Templates
s375 – What 7 Legendary Copywriters Can Teach Us About Web Copy
s374 – 182 Greatest Copywriters
s373 – Interview with Colin Theriot
s372 – Use of Dilemma
s371 – How this Copywriter Promotes An Event
s370 – copywriting learning resources from copyblogger
s369 – What subject lines have given you the best open rates in your emails?
s368 – How to Use Archetype Character
s367 – what to create for freebies
s366 – The Plot in the story by Colin Theriot
s365 – 3 TYPES OF PROBLEMS readers faced
s364 – how to create an avatar for a sales page
s363 – Turbocharge Your Freelance Business With a Kick-Butt Copywriting
Web Site
s362 – Fear based copywriting
s361 – Are you sick and tired of…
s360 – SPIN Formula
s359 – A Better Way To Know Your Audience
s358 – How I Write Direct Mail, Landing Pages, and Other Copywriting Projects
s357 – How to Tell a story to sell the item on ebay
s356 – Writing Copy To Sell Your Services
s355 – colin theriot headline formula
s354 – 13 Things That You Should Add To Your Sales Page
s353 – An interview with Scott Haines
s352 – Where to Find the Best Headlines in the World
s351 – How to Portray Empathy so People Will Buy Stuff From You
s350 – Lessons from the cosmopolitan headlines
s349 – The 3P formula to writing a sales page
s348 – Scarcity Strategy
s347 – 8 Different Types of Headlines
s346 – how to write a sales page
s345 – What are the ESSENTIAL pieces to every sales letter you write?
s344 – What listening to a story does to our brains
s343 – Storytelling tips
s342 – Email Templates
s341 – The Flow of Persuasion
s340 – People buy for status
s339 – Price Comparison
s338 – 7 Facebook Ad Call-To-Action (CTA) Copy Formulas
s337 – Headlines That Appeal to Both Google and Users
s336 – The Art of the Swipe
s335 – The Unfair Comparison
s334 – Example of storytelling (Mental Health)
s333 – Examples of ROI, Price Pitch and CTA
s332 – swipe files for body builders ads
s331 – how to research before writing the sales page
s330 – What Women Want
s329 – Put a time limit on PS
s328 – Headline with a Curiosity twist
s327 – Headline method: “The Case Against
s326 – The power of story telling
s325 – Where to insert images in the sales page
s324 – how to turn ‘bad news’ to ‘good news’
s323 – How to write a Confirmation Email
s322 – How to Make your Offer Irresistible
s321 – 30 Days of Persuasion
s320 – Using Game as a Metaphor
s319 – How to be a better copywriter
s318 – Examples of Openers
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s303 – Even if
s302 – How to Charge More & STILL Get More Business Than You Can Handle..
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s234 – how to use numbers in copywriting
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“Luger Handgun” Sales Letter
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Attention-Grabbing Headline
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s117 – The Business of Copywriting
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s82 – If the link no longer takes you to the page, it simply means we’ve run out.
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