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s1005 Where to download tons of copywriting pdf material.
s1004 Give me reasons to buy from you
s1003 How to Find Clients. Advice from Bond Halbert.
s1002 The Fastest And Most Effective “Secret Method” To Learning Persuasive Copywriting
s1001 How to Tell stories to sell your physical product.
s1000 The 1,000th post!
s999 Don’t Practice. Do for real.
s998 14 Questions to answer before you write the sales page.
s997 You’ll never see headlines the same way again.
s996 How to Earn 6 figure without breaking a sweat.
s995 It’s bullshit
s994 How to Guarantee.
s993 How to Be a Copywriter.
s992 Reason for Poor Turnout for the Event
s991. Many ways to say it.
s991 Get a Life Partner.
s990 Copywriting for Fun.
s989 Where to Get Swipe Files.
s988 The Copycat Revealed!
s987 The Vault.
s986: How NOT to Write an eBook Sales Page
s985 Start Your Online Business In 72 Hours Even With Zero Skill And Zero Experience
s984 Be Like Water.
s982 Sell Every Part.
s981 5 Minutes Work. Earn $300.
s980 The Simple Guide to Writing Social Media Headlines (That People Click)
s979 Because.
s978 The Power of Storytelling.
s977 30 Days of Tips
s976 This Headline will Make You drop your jaw…Here’s why
s975. Write a sales post in 6 paragraphs
s974: What are buyers buying?
s973 How to Paint the Words.
s972 What’s in a salespage.
s971 Made Easy.
s969: The Persuasion Framework.
s970 Take them to the Desert.
s968 What guarantees attention.
s967. The Openers that are Guarantee to Grab Your Reader’s Eyeball
s966 Catchy Email Subject Headlines.
s965 How to Sell to Lazy People.
s964 Is Copywriting really profitable?
s963 Think like the prospects.
s962 Career-Building Advice for Copywriters
s961 7 Secrets of Copywriting from Dan Kennedy.
s960 What are you selling?
s959 P.A.S.T.O.R.
s958: You have permanent access.
s957: How Can I Help You?
s956: Getting Agreement.
s955: PS. You’ll regret if you don’t..
s954: 144 Catchy Email Subject.
s953: Review of
s952: Work for Yourself.
s951: If I had to start my life all over again.
s950: Turn Your Blog Post to a Sales Letter.
s949: “How to write mega entertaining, personality-infused,super engaging copy,
s948: Problem Based Selling
s947: $50K per sales page
s945: Medical Mistakes: Could These Happen to You?
s944: The Hook.
s943: Who are the copywriters in the world who become millionaires?
s942: Believable.
s941: Gary Halbert’s Headlines.
s940: Split Test.
s939: Using The Headline To Pre-Empt Objections.
s938: Review of ‘The Magic of Making Up’
s937: How Not to be Boring when Writing an Ads on Craigslist.
s936: How to Be Profitable As a Newbie Copywriter.
s935: 7 Minute Muscle.
s934: Ryan’s Sales Letter Format.
s933: Review of this alternative Healthcare Website.
s932: FORMER BARBER EARNS $8000 In 4 Months As a Real Estate Specialist
s931: BUY NO DESK …Until You’ve Seen This Sensation of the Business Show
s930: How Much Is “Worker Tension” Costing Your Company?
s929: Today… Add $10,000 to Your Estate – For the Price of a New Hat
s928: Call to Action (CTA)
s927: New Cake-Improver Gets You Compliments Galore!
s926: The Script.
s925: Guaranteed To Go Thru Ice, Mud or Snow – or We Pay the Tow!
s924: Five Familiar Skin Troubles – Which Do You Want To Overcome?
s923: Features and Benefits Illustrated.
s922: Why Some Foods “Explode” In Your Stomach.
s921: Aircon Not Cool?
s920: Copywriting Group for beginners.
s919: Are You Ever Tongue-Tied At A Party?
s918: How to Use a Webinar to Attract Clients.
s917: They Laughed when I…
s915: Headlines.
s914: Where to Direct the Cold Traffic.
s913: Once is not enough.
s912: Where is the Proof?
s911: “Please take my money”
s910: Structure.
s909: 3 Steps to becoming a Better Copywriter.
s908: Avatar
s907: Are You Satisfied with Your Progress?
s906: How to Arouse Curiosity.
s905: Empathy.
s904: “You” in the Email Subject Header
s903: How to stand out from the crowd.
s902: How have you progress as a copywriter?
s901: Proof that story sells
s900: The Quiet, Unspoken Desires Of Your Prospect… That They’ll Probably Never Tell You
s899: This salespage is seductive.
s898: Copywriting for Webinar.
s897: Story-based Copywriting.
s896: The First Line
s895: The First Line
s894: How I write my sales page.
s893: Fantastic Copywriting Examples: 13 Companies With Truly Creative Copywriters
s892: Sell the Benefits, not features.
s891: Learn XXX in Just 10 minutes a Day.
s890: Made Simple.
s889: How to sell your info product
s888: May I tell you a secret about direct response copywriters?
s887: Why Every Copywriter Needs Great Testimonials — And How to Get Them Quickly
s886: What a boring headline!
s885: Swipe My Sales Page
s884: How to Price Your Copywriting Service Correctly.
s883: Why Copywriters Underprice
s882: Don’t Call Yourself an Amateur.
s881: Give People Reasons to Act.
s880: Value Proposition.
s879: Chris Haddad.
s878: I, You, We.
s877: Where to Get A-Lister Clients.
s876: How to Raise Your Profile.
s875: Tested Sentences That Sell
s874: What your Clients Love to Hear.
s873: Niche it.
s872: The Next Copywriter Star.
s871: No Bullshit.
s870: Practice: Write this sales letter.
s869: How to Say a Lot about Nothing.
s868: Easy or Simple?
s867: Criticism is never constructive.
s866: Use broadcast emails for promotions
s865: The outcome.
s864: Craft a powerful signature file for all your emails
s863: Nil
s862: Use of Metaphor
s861: Copywriting for Social Media.
s860: T-shirt copywriting
s859: Get them to click
s858: How to Close.
s857: Copywriting for T-shirt.
s856: Agora
s855: Copywriting Assignments Available
s854: Headline for FB Post.
s853: Jaded
s852: Talk to your competitors’ Customers
s851: How to Sell Every day.
s850: Buy all his ebooks
s849: How to Remove the Fear.
s848: Every Post is a sale page.
s847: The Fast and Fun Way to Write a Sales Page.
s846: I am curious. Pm me
s845: Swipe Files for your Niche.
s844: “It is too expensive”
s843: How Can I Make it Better?
s842: How to Write Simply
s841: Don’t use the word ‘learn’
s840: A series of messages
s839:”The Strangest Secret” Headline.
s838: The ‘giveaway’ headline
s837: When I need money, I write a salespage
s836: The of the
s835: Have You Try this Challenge?
s834: The ‘Sneaky’ Headline.
s833: Shocking + Benefit Headline.
s832: Selling is an everyday Thing
s831: The ‘warning’ headline
s830: Sell to the Monkey Brain.
s829: The ‘straight benefit’ headline
s828: The ‘yes? No.’ Headline
s827: “Do you know” headline
s826: The ‘Specific Number’ Headline
s825: How Much Are You Worth?
s824: The “If” Headline
s823: The “Plus’ Headline.
s822: Learn. Apply. Profit.
s821: Write salespage by hand.
s820: Unleash Your Persuasion Kungfu
s819: Copywriters Summit.
s818: A copywriter’s success story.
s817: Lesson 29 – The ‘deadline’ headline
s816: I fired my copywriter!
s815: They laughed when…
s814: Who Else Wants……?
s813: Lesson 28: The ‘Fastes Safest” Headline.
s812: Before and After.
s811: Lesson 27: The ‘What’ Headline.
s810: Lesson 26: The ‘The Truth’ Headline.
s809: Lesson 25: The ‘Why’ Headline.
s808: Curiosity Kills the Cat.
s807: Lesson 24: The “better than” headline
s806: You know you are good when …
s805: Lesson 23: The “secret of” headline
s804: Lesson 22: The “Single Most” headline
s803: Lesson 21: “How to” Headline.
s802: Lesson 20: Different Persuasion Points
s801: Lesson 19: Headlines and subheads
s800: A Reflection – How far Have you Gone?
s799: Lesson 18: Writing Magnetic headlines
s798: The Aspen School of Copywriting.
s797: Be a storyteller.
s796: The world’s greatest living freelance copywriter?
s795: Lesson 17: Sales Copy CheckList.
s794: Lesson 16: Mindmap of the Structure.
s793: Lesson 15: The Journey
s792: Lesson 14: Example (1) of A Sales Page Structure
s791: Lesson 13: Offer
s790: Lesson 12: Testimony
s789: They Laugh when I ….
s788: Headline template.
s787: Swipefile for the nutrition niche
s786: Take them to the next step.
s785: The Psychology of Persuasion.
s784: Discuss and Write Copy
s783: When they make me laugh, I’m hooked.
s782: The Tale of 2 Cities.
s781: 13 Brands That Are Skilled at Writing Copy
s780: Lesson 11: Solution.
s779: The Art of Persuasion.
s778: Lesson 10: Amplify the problem
s777: Your Name.
s776: Regrets
s774: Lesson 9: How to Write an Offer.
s773: How to tell Better Stories.
s772: The trick words’
s771: Lesson 8: How to Write an Offer.
s770: How to Write a Testimonial that Sell.
s769: Advertising is lying.
s768: One Word Makes the Difference.
s767: The hook.
s766: Reading assignment of the week.
s765: Lesson 7: Types of Offer
s764: The Missing Piece in KLT
s763: The 90-Day Challenge
s762: Copywriting is Storytelling.
s761: Lesson 6: The Irresistible Offer
s760: Michelle Obama.
s759: What’s another name for ‘sales page’?
s758: Why are you sharing the secrets?
s757: Lesson 5: Template.
s756: Lesson 4: Your Sales Page to Sell Your Copywriting Service.
s755: Insights from a millionaire internet marketer
s754: Lesson 3: How To Structure A Sales Message
s753: Illogical Fallacies.
s752: – nothing –
s751: Lesson 2 – Why is copywriting so important
s750: Lesson 1 – What is copywriting
s749: How Donald Trump Used ONE SIMPLE WORD to Influence America.
s748: Story Selling.
s747: How to Increase Credibility
s746: Selling is everything.
s745: How to Write Email that sell
s744: Where are you now?
s743: Is Copywriting Hard to Learn?
s742: Throw Stone at the Enemies.
s741: One Idea from Youtube.
s740: The secret Sauce from Chris Haddad
s739: Sales Letter by Frank Kern.
s738: How to Make Your Message Sticky.
s737: The smart way to get clients.
s736: What “Do whatever it takes” Really Means.
s735: How to be a Better Copywriter without a Mentor
s734: Observe the pattern.
s733: Q&A with the Master Persuader
s732: Are you Implementing What you Learn?
s731: 7 Email Sequence Autoresponder Series That Work and The One That Does Not Work
s730: My 10 biggest mistakes in 10 years of freelance copywriting.
s729: Don’t copy
s728: The Breakfast of Champions.
s727: Sell as if your life depends on it.
s726: How to Write an About Page.
s725: Copywriting Course
s724: Please visit my website.
s723: Copywriting Jobs for You.
s722: How to Write Product Description.
s721: 55 Easy Ways To Write A Headline That Will Reach Your Readers
s720: An Open Letter to…
s719: Cheapest Copywriting Course.
s718: – nothing
s717: Don’t say ‘Buy’
s716: It’s not the features, it’s the Story.
s715: The Final Step to the Money.
s714: How to Close a Sale.
s713: How to Evaluate a Sales Letter
s712: Emotional Headlines.
s711: Examples of Scarcity
s710: What is the appeal of your products?
s709: What Copywriting Involves
s708: The Halbert Copywriting Method
s707: Sell tickets to Heaven.
s706: Happy Father’s Day from Durex
s705: Bold Email Experiment
s704: How I went from Zero to Hero.
s703: Salespage Analysis.
s702: Copywriting for Ecommerce website.
s701: Subliminal Messaging.
s700: How to write in a conversational tone.
s699: What stands between you and the Money.
s698: This is how a persuasive flyer look like.
s697: How the Advertisers Sell to Me at the Movie.
s696: Bad Metaphor.
s695: Use of Repetition
s694: How to Get Consulting Clients Fast Even If nobody’s ever heard of you
s693: Why Lawyers and Teachers Are Most UnSuitable to be Copywriters
s691: Do you have what it takes?
s690: How to Get Clients
s689: Finding the common ground.
s688: How to Structure a Facebook Post.
s687: The Psychology of persuasion.
s686: Case Study – Result of a split test.
s685: The 12-Step Foolproof Sales Letter Template
s684: Give them a reason to take action.
s683: Study this salespage written by a master copywriter.
s682: Analysis of a Salespage.
s681: The Crazy Idea to turn your copywriting into Money.
s680: The Daily Habi
s679: How to Sell a Preventive Product.
s678: How to Sell on Stage.
s677: Copywriting Humour
s676: Whatever Made Easy.
s675: The Art of Storytelling
s674: Copywriting is More than Writing Salespages.
s673: ‘How To’ Headlines
s672: The Drama
s671: Sales page by Mindvalley
s670: Why You Are Afraid to Sell.
s669: The Power of Words
s668: How to Adapt a Headline.
s667: Where to Find Copywriting jobs
s666: Model after classic salespage
s665: How to Promote Your Copywriting Service with a salepage.
s664: Ride on Current Events.
s663: The Godfather of Copywriting.
s662: Can your Reader feel it?
s661: How to Win Hearts.
s660: Salespage by a top Copywriter.
s659: Do you know it when you are sold?
s658: Play of Words
s657: Where to Find Stories
s656: Are you guilty of using these phases?
s655: The secret of Selling Anything.
s654: Treasures on Amazon.
s653: Gary Halbert Copywriting Tribute With Ed Dale.
s652: Use of Active words
s651: How David Ogilvy & Jason Fried Got Clients
s650: 21 Little Known Reasons Why Your Sales Letter Is Not Converting
s649: Brandwash – How we are brainwashed by the brands
s648: Seven things Prince Rogers Nelson taught me about business and life:
s647: Copywriting Secrets That Have Sold Billions – An Interview with Ted Nicholas.
s646: Your Wife is Hot
s645: Gary Halbert’s Club
s644: How to Analysis a Sales Page
s643: The Copywriter’s Arsenal
s642: Where to Find Customers
s641: Give me an emotional reaction
s640: Best Email Subject lines
s639: Slogans
s638: Have Fun with This Headline Generator!
s637: Illogical Fallacies about Testimonial.
s636: How to Avoid These Mistakes in …
s635: The Truth About…
s634: Does Ethical Copywriting Exist?
s633: P.A.S.T.O.R.
s632: How to throw stones at your enemy
s631: Swipe Facebook Ads
s630: Fighting ads Fatigue
s629‬ – Transition
s628‬ – The $2 Billion Sales Letter
s627‬ – How to write sales letters like the scammers
s626‬ – Articles from the Nerd
s625‬ – Top Copywriters in the world
s624‬ – Case Study in Persuasion
s623‬ – How to land your first copywriting job
s622‬ – Attached an item method
s621‬ – Revealed: the Best Kept Secret
s620‬ – Case study: From zero to 6 figures in 6 months
s619‬ – Copy the copywriters
s618‬ – A New Copywriting resource
s617‬ – The million dollar copywriter in the health space
s616‬ – Fiverr
s615‬ – In touch with copywriters community
s614‬ – Learn for Cheap
s613‬ – Analyse a sales page
s612‬ – 4 Landing Page Credibility Killers You Should Eliminate Right Now
s611‬ – Steal these 6 Email Templates. They work like Hell!
s610‬ – Social Proof – how to prove?
s609‬ – Think Headline
s608‬ – Headline Formula – Benefit + Curiosity
s607‬ – Where to Find Highly Profitable sales letters
s606‬ – Copywriting: How To Turn Words Into Cash
s605‬ – From zero to hero without…
s604‬ – Experience the Benefits
‎s603‬ – Best Call to Action Words and Template
s602‬ – Which of these conditions worry you?
‎s601‬ – What have you just persuaded yourself?
s600‬ – 39 Copywriting Techniques that Drive Website Conversions
s599‬ – Where to Sell Your Copywriting Service with Marketing it
s598‬ – Are you Writing Sales page Every day?
s597‬ – Are you selling your Copywriting service?
s596‬ – Use the word ‘hate’
s595 – How to write Email Subject title
s594‬ – Promotion Campaign
s59‬3 – Are You Sick and Tired…
s592‬ – Write Your Headlines Every day
s591‬ – 18 Powerful Lessons in Persuasion
s590‬ – 16 Call-to-Action Formula
s589 – Warning
s588‬ – How I Make Money with My Copywriting Skill
s587‬ – Classic Swipe Files
s586‬ – The Biggest Thing they are Looking for
s585‬ – Who does the best copywriters learn from?
s584‬ – What’s Missing in Most Websites
s583‬ – Magazine Cover
s582‬ – How to Apply NLP in copywriting
s581‬ – How to Profit from Your Copywriting Skill
s580‬ – Your Swipe Files
s579‬ – How to Acquire a New Style of Writing
s578‬ – How to write your first salescopy
s577‬ – Play of Words
s576‬ – Remember these words for they are your BULLETS
s575‬ – How much can you earn as a copywriter?
s574‬ – How to Use ‘Without’ in your headlines
s573‬ – How I went from “no experience and no portfolio” to working with my dream clients in 6 months
s572‬ – Stack the Evidence
s571‬ – Amplify the Pain
s570‬ – Let’s Clear the Myth about Being a Copywriter
s569 – How to Make Money With Your Copywriting Skill
s568 – My secret copywriting recipe: This is the simplest sales template!
s567 – Interview with a local Copywriter
s566 – Copywriter’s website
s565 – The Anatomy of an Event Page
s564 – Persuasion is Unnecessary
s563 – The 7 Deadly Sins
s562 – Templates
s561 – Email templates
s560 – Good and bad testimonials
s559 – Before and After
s558 – Words are like Swords and Drugs
s557 – The Ultimate Guide to Copywriting Formulas
s556 – Email copywriting Formula
s555 – How to Make Money as a Copywriter on Upwork
s554 – How to Raise Fund with your copywriting Skill
s553 – Specialty in Fund Raising
s552 – Immersion
s551 – Your Life Depends on Copywriting
s550 – The Ultimate Copywriting Handbook
s549 – 8 Direct Response Copywriting Examples That Immediately Converted Customers
s548 – Common Mistakes Copywriters Make
s547 – Where do I find Copywriting Clients
s546 – A Copywriting Group to watch out for
s545 – High Ticket Item
s544 – How to Write Catchy Headlines Instantly without Cracking Your Head Using a Copy-and-Paste Method
s543 – Advice for a newbie
s542 – Funny Poster
s541 – Manage expectation
s540 – Four Steps To Writing a Great Classified Ad
s539 – Put on the Hat of a Personality.
s538 – Sell to a Desperate Market.
s537 – The Giant List of Power Words
s536 – Use Picture Words
s535 – Clever Signage. Good copywriting.
s534 – Infotainment in email writing
s533 – Where Do I Find Copywriting Clients?
s532 – How to Make Money as a Copywriter
s531 – How to get Client
s530 – You’ll Never Starve
s529 – How Copywriting Makes the Difference
s528 – Is your copy Entertaining?
s527 – Copywriter Website
s526 – Copywriting as a Service
s525 – 30 Days of Persuasion.
s524 – Think like a Lawyer.
s523 – Breakthrough Advertisement Notes
s522 – It is not your fault.
s521 – Replace these Words
s520 – Write to a 17-year old brain.
s519 – How to Position Yourself when you are 2nd Best
s518 – Pain and Pleasure
s517 – Proven 6-step formula gets people to buy
s516 – I see. I take
s515 – Compare with Another Brand.
s514 – How to Sell a High Ticket Item.
s513 – Sell Something
s512 – Your Salespage should not look like a salespage
s511 – What you can learn from a ConMan.
s510 – Write for Free and Fee
s509 – How to Monetize your Copywriting Knowledge
s508 – Everything You Want to Know about Headlines.
s507 – How do they Sell?
s506 – A Good Name Makes a Better Impression
s505 – How to craft the guarantee
s504 – How to influence readers
s503 – Headline and salespage generator
s502 – Funnel Building
s501 – Price comparison
s500 – How to Write Click-Worthy Ads with Only 3 Sentences.
s499 – The Role of the Media
s498 – Where to Get Clients
s497 – Nil
s496 – How to Craft an Email.
s495 – Critique salespage
s494 – Do you make these 7 common mistakes?
s493 – How to EMPHASIS the word
s492 – The Salesletter is a Love Letter
s491 – Where do I start?
s490 – Stop Writing Boring Headlines: 11 Types of Headlines That Pique Reader Interest
s489 – Copywriting for affiliate marketing
s488 – How to Start a Religion
s487 – How to write the about page
s486 – Price Comparison
s485 – Headline Formula
s484 – Weight Loss
s483 – Evaluate a salespage with this checklist
s482 – A salespage is a conversation
s481 – The Most Powerful Person is a Storyteller
s480 – Promote Your Friend
s479 – Get Personal
s478 – Don’t just build a business. Start a Revolution
s477 – The Modern Sales Page
s476 – Why Copywriting is the Ultimate Religion
s475 – Your Signature Story
s474 – Be a specialist Copywriter
s473 – Contracts and Agreements
s472 – How to be a Copywriter Even if You Cannot Write Well
s471 – Make Money by Evaluating Other People’s Salespage
s470 – It’s not a salesletter. It’s a conversation
s469 – Copypreneur not copywriters
s468 – Case study: Storytelling with Evidence Stacking
s468 – The Call to Action Copywriting Bootcamp
s467 – Persuasion is Beyond Words
s466 – Why I Recommend This Person and not the Rest?
s465 – How to Make Money Online as a …
s464 – The Gift
s463 – 6 Copywriting Tips That Will Help You Make Great SlideShares
s462 – How I was sold on the Most Expensive Shoes
s461 – The 3-step structure
s460 – Want More Copywriting Clients? Here’s a Surprising Way to Find Them.
s459 – Writing Style
s458 – How to Practise Copywriting
s457 – Sam’s 10 Commandments for Copywriting
s456 – Ads Headlines
s455 – How to Describe a Dress
s454 – She Change My Life
s453 – Free cheatsheet
s452 – The Secret is in Your Story
s451 – Using the Right Words
s450 – Tell the Truth
s449 – Show me the Proof
s448 – What are you selling?
s447 – How to Sell on Stage
s446 – Bhutan wasn’t the last Shangri-La on Earth
s445 – How to Sell a Non-Existent Product
s444 – How to Write FB Posts that will Wow Your Readers.
s443 – 12 Best Practices For Writing Website Copy That Actually Converts
s442 – 13 Things That You Should Add To Your Sales Page
s441 – 100 Classic Sales Letters
s440 – Case Study: Persuade Me!
s439 – The Masters of Copywriting.
s438 – Advice from a veteran copywriter
s437 – 20 Fill-in-the-Blank Headline Template
s436 – Facebook Ads for A Tuition Centre
s435 – Why You Don’t Have to Write Salespage for Your Clients
s434 – The Advanced Guide to Emotional Persuasion
s433 – How to Get People to Rush to buy Your Stuff
s432 – How to Tell Stories With Facebook and Instagram Carousel Ads
s431 – Case Study
s430 – 12 Copywriting Secrets to a Landing Page that Sells
s429 – What’s a Copywriter’s Salary?
s428 – How to Scale Your Copywriting Business
s427 – How to Sell to the Affluent
s426 – The God of Email writing
s425 – How to Craft an Opt-in Form
s424 – Tell a Story
s423 – Sell the Wants, Not the Needs
s422 – Copywriters Wanted
s421 – Frameworks for Writing Copy that Converts
s420 – The 3 Attitudes That Allowed Me To Quit My Job And Build A Copywriting Business In 4 Months
s419 – Free Copywriting Course
s418 – The Street Vendor
s417 – FREE Copywriting Mini-Course
s416 – A salespage written by a copywriting coach must be good…
s415 – 100 Great Copywriting Ideas
s414 – How to Control Your Readers
s413 – Are you Alone
s412 – What does it take for one to start from zero to a 5-star professional copywriter?
s411 – How to Write Emails that Win Affiliate Competitions
‪‎s410‬ – How to Create Marketing Copy… Without Actually Writing
s409 – How To Get New Copywriting Clients… Even If You’re a Total Newbie With Halitosis, Dandruff, and Rectal Warts!”.
s408 – How to Promote Copywriting Service
s407 – Preparation Before Writing the Sales Page
s406 – How Dan Lok writes his sales page
s405 – Criteria for a good headline
s404 – Mistakes Copywriters Made
s403 – What to write in the PS
s402 – Here are 46 ways to make Your Landing Page better..
s401 – Use This Checklist Before Asking For A Critique
s400 – Copywriting for entrepreneurs
s399 – Email subject Titles
s398 – Use testimonials for headline
s397 – I was offered Sex today with a …
s396 – Rachel Rofe’s Salespage
s395 – David Frey 12-step formula
s394 – David Cavanagh salespage structure
s393 – Carlton Salespage Structure
s392 – how to evaluate a salespage with 8 checklist questions
s391 – how to be a good copywriter
s390 – How to Get Clients
s389 – Buy on Emotion. Justify on Logic
s388 – 5 ways to open a sales page
s387 – Randy Gage’s “How to Become a Copywriting Stud!”
s386 – How to Show Value over Price
s385 – 5 stages of writing a headlines
s384 – 11 Copywriting Tips: How to Turn Marketing Drivel into Serious Sales Copy
s383 – 10 Call-to-Action Case Studies w/ Takeaways & Examples from Real Button Tests
s382 – What to Call Your CTA
s381 – good story writing resources
s380 – How I made Half a Million Dollars as a Freelance Copywriter
s379 – How to Reply to Price Objection
s378 – how to turn copywriting into a passive income
s377 – The Lingo of Pain
s376 – 41 Classic Copywriting Headline Templates
s375 – What 7 Legendary Copywriters Can Teach Us About Web Copy
s374 – 182 Greatest Copywriters
s373 – Interview with Colin Theriot
s372 – Use of Dilemma
s371 – How this Copywriter Promotes An Event
s370 – copywriting learning resources from copyblogger
s369 – What subject lines have given you the best open rates in your emails?
s368 – How to Use Archetype Character
s367 – what to create for freebies
s366 – The Plot in the story by Colin Theriot
s365 – 3 TYPES OF PROBLEMS readers faced
s364 – how to create an avatar for a sales page
s363 – Turbocharge Your Freelance Business With a Kick-Butt Copywriting
Web Site
s362 – Fear based copywriting
s361 – Are you sick and tired of…
s360 – SPIN Formula
s359 – A Better Way To Know Your Audience
s358 – How I Write Direct Mail, Landing Pages, and Other Copywriting Projects
s357 – How to Tell a story to sell the item on ebay
s356 – Writing Copy To Sell Your Services
s355 – colin theriot headline formula
s354 – 13 Things That You Should Add To Your Sales Page
s353 – An interview with Scott Haines
s352 – Where to Find the Best Headlines in the World
s351 – How to Portray Empathy so People Will Buy Stuff From You
s350 – Lessons from the cosmopolitan headlines
s349 – The 3P formula to writing a sales page
s348 – Scarcity Strategy
s347 – 8 Different Types of Headlines
s346 – how to write a sales page
s345 – What are the ESSENTIAL pieces to every sales letter you write?
s344 – What listening to a story does to our brains
s343 – Storytelling tips
s342 – Email Templates
s341 – The Flow of Persuasion
s340 – People buy for status
s339 – Price Comparison
s338 – 7 Facebook Ad Call-To-Action (CTA) Copy Formulas
s337 – Headlines That Appeal to Both Google and Users
s336 – The Art of the Swipe
s335 – The Unfair Comparison
s334 – Example of storytelling (Mental Health)
s333 – Examples of ROI, Price Pitch and CTA
s332 – swipe files for body builders ads
s331 – how to research before writing the sales page
s330 – What Women Want
s329 – Put a time limit on PS
s328 – Headline with a Curiosity twist
s327 – Headline method: “The Case Against
s326 – The power of story telling
s325 – Where to insert images in the sales page
s324 – how to turn ‘bad news’ to ‘good news’
s323 – How to write a Confirmation Email
s322 – How to Make your Offer Irresistible
s321 – 30 Days of Persuasion
s320 – Using Game as a Metaphor
s319 – How to be a better copywriter
s318 – Examples of Openers
s317 – Autoresponder Email Sequence Structure
s316 – Sales Page to Promote Traffic Generation Strategies
s315 – “guru don’t want you to know” headlines
s314 – 7 Types of Headlines That Will Turn on People’s Attention Like Magic
s313 – LURE method by Max Koh
s312 – Use of a Metaphor
s311 – 666 Fresh Conversion Rate Optimization Tips
s310 – Best Email Subjects
s309 – collection of 100 Best Headlines from Victor Schwab
s308 – Bullet Points Formula
s307 – The Science of Social Proof: 5 Types and the Psychology Behind Why They Work
s306 – How to Learn Copywriting – tips from Joe Vitale
s305 – Be Conversational.
s303 – Even if
s302 – How to Charge More & STILL Get More Business Than You Can Handle..
s301 – Why it pays to be a Copywriter
s300 – sell solution, not prevention
s299 – 7 Simple Steps to Writing Product Descriptions That Sell
s298 – sales page on publishing
s296 – These 5 Squeeze Page Tricks Have Helped Me Get Up To 58.6% Opt-In Rates
s295 – 7 Landing Page Flaws That Kill Your Conversions (and How to Fix Them)
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s292 – Telling Ain’t Selling!
s291 – 14 Lessons Learned from One of the World’s Highest-Paid Copywriters
s290 – Are you still interested in…
s289 – Call to Action
s288 – how to persuade people online – 17 lesser known Jedi Mind Tricks
s287 – 0 Oddball Email Subject Line Formulas That NEVER Fail
s286 – 13 Damn Good Ideas from 13 Dead Copywriters
s285 – Value Bomb
s284 – 30+ Ultimate Headlines for Tweets, Posts, Articles and Emails
s283 – FREE! All You Need to Know Guide to ____
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s275 – FAQ by new copywriters
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s272 – How menu are written in restaurants
s271 – sales page structuring using Fear
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s269 – How to Quit Your Job and Become a Full Time Copywrite
s268 – Copywriting Headlines That Sell (with Templates & Swipe File)
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s257 – The Headline Solution
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s251 – Features and Benefits
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s234 – how to use numbers in copywriting
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s229 – The 7 Deadly Sins – 7 motivators for people to buy
s228 – 3-part copywriting tips – for short ads
s227 – how to handle price objection
s226 – list of transitions
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s223 – copywriting tips from Jay Abraham – use Amazon
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s219 – Features vs Benefits
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s217 – Salespage Checklist
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s212 – Here’s Why You Can’t Sell Your Stupid E-Book.
s211 – The First Hundred Million. – how to sell a million copies by the titles
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s172 – What has to happen for my reader to desperately desire the product I’m pitching?
s171 – Getting the driving EMOTIONS of the customer in question As it Relates to the Promise of the Product
s170 – 23 Hidden Copywriting Secrets Unearthed In The Legendary
“Luger Handgun” Sales Letter
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s155 – Master Copywriter Reveals His Secret Technique for Crafting an
Attention-Grabbing Headline
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s152 – Heartbreak, Cheating, and Lies Leads to Amazing Deal on Used Mattress
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s140 – Read aloud 10 x and then transcribe
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s120 – Sales Page Structure
s119 – How to Grow as a Copywriter in the IM Niche
s118 – The Business of Copywriting
s117 – The Business of Copywriting
s116 – 10 Ways to be a Copywriting Jedi
s115 – The inspiration to be a copywriter
s114 – What it takes to be a copywriter
s113 – Resources for New Copywriters
s112 – Bob Bly Reveals How To Break Into The Copywriting Business…
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s105 – How to Write an Opening (After the Headline)
s104 – How to Write a Headline with a Question
s103 – Write a Power Headline in Seconds Without Experiencing Writer’s Block
s102 – Template for a Testimonial
s101 – What Else Can You Say Besides ‘Buy Now’?
s100 – Offer a guarantee to reverse the risk.
s99 – How to Borrow Credibility
s98 – Price Anchoring using the contrast principle.
s97 – When to Swipe Files
s96 – What the Guru Won’t Tell You
s95 – Fake headlines created by smashing up real headlines.
s94 – The Complete Guide to Understanding Consumer Psychology
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s92 – How to Write Product Description
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s90 – Housewives: Are you tired of asking your spouse for pocket money?
s89 – Latest Trends in Headline Creation and Their Success
s88 – How to Craft a Guarantee that Sells
s87 – Copywriting Checklist
s86 – Headline Makeover
s85 – Qualifier – “This is not for everyone”.
s84 – Sell Me this Pen!
s83 – Free Video Tutorial on Copywriting
s82 – If the link no longer takes you to the page, it simply means we’ve run out.
s81 – 3 Step Headline Formula
s80 – Tattoo Gets You Sex
s79 – The Billion Dollar Sales Letter You Can Copy
s78 – Sales Pages of Famous Internet Marketers
s77 – How to Describe Hokkien Mee Until the Readers Salivate?
s76 – “The Amazing Seduction Secrets of A Skinny, Ugly, 6 Foot Geek From Culver City California That Could Get You All The Girls You Want – No Matter What Your Looks Or Age”
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s60 – Here is an analysis of an advertorial.
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s57 – The 7 Great Motivators
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s54 – How do you learn copywriting?
s53 – 127 Winning Headlines from a Direct Response Genius:
s52 – The Science of Storytelling: Why Telling a Story is the Most Powerful Way to Activate Our Brains
s51- Why people buy
s50 – The Power of Storytelling
s49 – If this is motivation for you to be good at copywriting…
s48 – Copywriting can be Poetic
s47 – Why a Copywriter is a Dangerous Person
s46 – How to Hijack the Hottest Name of the Day to Steal their Traffic.
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s8 – Study the Best Copywriters
s7 – How to Sell Sex
s6 – Attention
s5 – Tribute to the Maids by Obama
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s1 – Questions to Ask the Client About the Copywriting Assignment